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EntraPass™ Special Edition


EntraPass™ Special EditionThe EntraPass Special Edition single-workstation software package accommodates an unlimited number of cardholders from one workstation and controls up to 128 doors.




KT-NCC (Network Communication Controller)

The KT-NCC brings the same powerful functionality formerly found in the PC-based NCC to an external panel, greatly reducing the costs and support needs associated with maintaining PCs and operating systems.


EntraPass™ Corporate Edition


EntraPass Corporate Edition provides expanded functionality with the ability to control thousands of doors from up to 20 workstations. This proven platform gives you the ultimate balance between power and affordability in a network environment.




KT-400 Door Controller

Kantech™ KT-400 is an Ethernet-ready four-door controller that provides 128-bit AES encrypted communication with the EntraPass system.


EntraPass Global Edition

EntraPass Global Edition is a powerful multi-user access control system that provides features required even in the most demanding applications. It adapts easily to your needs, allowing users to access remote sites from up to 128 workstations.




KT-100 Mini Door Controller

The KT-100 Mini Door Controller is compact and versatile with a space-saving design that incorporates all the components and equipment found in much larger controllers.


EntraPass Video Integration

Kantech provides a powerful integrated access control and digital video solution with its EntraPass access control software and American Dynamics’ Intellex® Digital Video Management System.



KT-300 Door Controller

The KT-300 Door Controller is the most powerful and scalable door controller Kantech offers.







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